We’re in the endgame now

Man, I cannot wait for this!

Here’s how I think the plot will pan out, based on the numerous leaks from Reddit.

  • The Avengers along with Captain Marvel go straight for Thanos in the first 30 minutes (“You could not live with your own failure…”).
  • They defeat him, because he’s weakened and the Gauntlet doesn’t work at its full potential anymore.
  • They return to Earth and years pass, but they are haunted by their failure to prevent the Decimation (“Some people move on, but not us”).
  • Ant-Man emerges from the Quantum Realm and tells them about time vortexes and the potential for time travel.
  • They go back in time and undo the Decimation, possibly creating an alternate timeline and setting up the future of the MCU (similar to the Star Trek reboot in 2009).

The design of Apple Card

Arun Venkatesan’s blog turned up in my Panda feed this morning, and I really love the detail he gets into here — analysing the tiny details behind Apple Card.

His writing style and design aesthetic are very reminiscent of Andrew Kim, whose blog I absolutely used to love.

You’ve got a new subscriber, my friend. Keep it going.

The storm does not know its own strength nor that of the sailors. The captain must determine both.

Luke Sequeira

Great quote from my ex-boss on adversity, and the role of a leader therein.

Dayum, son! This just keeps getting better and better and better.

Windows Phone is officially obsolete

Been a long time coming, but it was inevitable given the market (and mind) shares that Android and iOS already possess.

I used the Lumia 800 and 620 as daily drivers for a number of years circa 2012. The Lumia 800 is still one of my favourite phones of all time.

If you can’t decide, the answer is no.

If two equally difficult paths, choose the one more painful in the short term (pain avoidance is creating an illusion of equality).

Choose the path that leaves you more equanimous in the long term.

Naval Ravikant
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Pillars of Eternity

Update 30 Dec 2018: I finally abandoned this game after 50 hours on my second attempt as the​“realtime-with-pause” combat system with a party of 6 became simply unmanageable. Everything else mentioned below about the game is still true.

Nothing like spending the holidays curled up with a great RPG. I got this urge after watching Stranger Things Season 2 — must have been all the DND references. I chanced across plenty of positive reviews for Pillars of Eternity on Reddit, so I pulled the trigger.

Initial impressions? I’m absolutely loving it!

It’s beautifully written, and the world of Eora is so immersive. The realtime with pause” combat system takes some getting used to, but I just adore the characters, the plot and the side quests. Obsidian have done such a fantastic job with this!

Looking for dragon eggs with my party

I’m currently in Dyrford Village and am about to venture forth into Cliaban Rilag, which feels like the end of Act 2. Some of my most memorable parts of the game so far have been:

  • The battle for Caed Nua, my stronghold
  • Endless Paths of Od Nua (currently at Level 5)
  • The haunted lighthouse in Ondra’s Gift
  • Pretty much all the quests in Defiance Bay

I’ve chosen a druid for my own character (now at Level 8), who can spiritshift into a stag. Eder (Fighter), Aloth (Wizard) and Pallegina (Paladin) are pretty much my favourite companions at the moment.

I’ll post more thoughts once I’m through.


Memories for our kids

The memories I have of my childhood are preserved in printed photographs and polaroids. Mom and Pops have around a dozen albums of such photos: right from my baby days, up until till my brother and I completed our schooling. They’re stashed away safely in a cabinet. Just like a time capsule.

Photos are great because they bring back so many memories! And the memories of events and experiences are the only things that really matter, specially when you have kids.

Now we’re just here to be memories for our kids. Once you’re a parent, you’re the ghost of your children’s future.

Cooper, Interstellar

With some free time on my hands, I undertook a personal project to collect and preserve all the memories Vinnie and I have made — for the girls’ sake.

Since we live and breathe digital, it made sense to archive everything in the cloud. I chose Google Photos as Vinnie and I both use Android phones, and Google lets you save unlimited photos at 16MP, and video at 1080p — which I was fine with.

It’s taken numerous weekends and late nights, but I’ve finally brought it up to date. Nearing 50GB, it includes photos and HD video taken from every camera and phone we’ve owned since 2008.

So many precious memories!
Our days in college.
Our first jobs.
Christmas photos from when we were dating.
My reply to the toast at our wedding.
Our first dance as husband and wife.
Sasha’s first steps.
Sofia’s first day at Playgroup.
And who knows what’s to come!
They’re all in there.

The best part is that the entire archive is accessible on any device with Internet access, so I can even see it on my phone when I’m away on travel.

Just like a time capsule.


Mom & Pops celebrated 32 years of togetherness today with a quiet dinner at The Brasserie with all of us and the kids.

The way they love and care for each other, and fight to do the dishes even after three decades — they’re still takin’ me to school.