Starting my personal quest for fitness

I was super fit until just a few years ago. I used to play futsal with the local boys and never had issues with my metabolism. But one of the side effects of balancing work at a startup with two toddlers at home is that I could never find the time for any sort of exercise in my daily routine. As of today, I weigh a little over 76 kilos, which for my height (5 ft 8 in) is overweight by some means.

That ends today. #noexcuses.

I chanced across this great app called which from reviews does one thing very well — calorie tracking for the Indian diet. There are awesome apps out there like Lifesum, but their Indian food database is poor, so what’s the point? From what I’ve read, portion tracking is the first step. Going to try HIIT too, so let’s see how this goes.

My first goal is modest — lose 12 kilos in 24 weeks. Which means I should weigh 64 kilos by the end of May next year. But it’s not about just losing fat, it’s about being healthier and fitter. And if I gain a little muscle in the process, I won’t complain.

I’m not going to post New Year resolutions, but make this my prime focus for the next year. Here goes nothing!