Thirty One

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to my thirties. But as I look back at my most recent trip around the sun, I realise it’s actually been a great year.

Got back in shape

  • Lost 10kg+ since January 2018. I’ve written about my progress earlier.
  • Weight is now consistently at the 66 – 68kg mark on most days.
  • Progressively overloaded my weight training regimen. Now bench-pressing over 70kg and leg-pressing much more.

Started working remotely

  • I joined Unmetric in July last year and it has changed my life! True story.
  • I love the flexibility to get work done on my own schedule while still making time for fitness, hobbies, family and community.
  • I honestly think remote is the future of work — folks will soon realise there’s little sense in spending precious hours each day in commutes and other distractions.


The best birthday present I could ever ask for came exactly a month in advance. She’s been sleeping for 16h+ straight everyday for the last month, and both Sasha and Sofia are crazy about her!

Onward and upward!