I’m joining Unmetric!

Excited and humbled to announce that I join Unmetric tomorrow as Senior Designer. Unmetric is a social media analytics platform that provides insights into the activities of over 100,000 major brands on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

New product.
New domain.
New problem space.

I’m really looking forward to contributing what I can.

This isn’t the first time I’ve landed a job indirectly through conversations on Twitter. In this case, I happened to reach out to Amrinder—who heads Design there. I’ve been following him on Twitter for years and have great respect for the work he’s done. There’s no denying that the prospect of working directly with him on product was a huge factor in helping me make the final decision.

Of course, it helped that Lux, Kumar, Tina and the other key people here are super smart and loaded with experience. The product itself looks great — and it solves a real problem for some huge customers!

The team is distributed across India, UK, Canada and the US; but I will work remotely out of Goa. I’ve gone remote before, but this is my first full-time remote design gig.

I’m off to Chennai next week to meet the team in person and complete my onboarding. I can say — with a fair amount of confidence — that this is the start of something special.