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Totally floored by the first season of Foundation. I went into it on a whim after seeing the trailer and reading rave reviews on Reddit — totally oblivious to Isaac Asimov’s series of novels it is based on.

I personally love the entire aspect of one man’s prophecies changing the course of history. Here they seem (atleast to me) to be self-fulfilling, coming from a respected figure like Hari Seldon. Gaal Dornick’s character is the underdog, hailing from a unrespected planet and having to prove herself repeatedly. Then there’s the entire plot involving Empire: supposedly perfect genetic clones of Cleon I at different stages of life — aptly named Dawn, Day and Dusk.

If you’re a fan of Dune, Star Trek, The Expanse or similar hard sci-fi franchises, I can guarantee you’ll love Foundation. Given how much of the the final episode involved setting up what’s to come, I can hardly wait for Season 2.