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Pillars of Eternity

Update 30 Dec 2018: I finally abandoned this game after 50 hours on my second attempt as the​“realtime-with-pause” combat system with a party of 6 became simply unmanageable. Everything else mentioned below about the game is still true.

Nothing like spending the holidays curled up with a great RPG. I got this urge after watching Stranger Things Season 2 — must have been all the DND references. I chanced across plenty of positive reviews for Pillars of Eternity on Reddit, so I pulled the trigger.

Initial impressions? I’m absolutely loving it!

It’s beautifully written, and the world of Eora is so immersive. The realtime with pause” combat system takes some getting used to, but I just adore the characters, the plot and the side quests. Obsidian have done such a fantastic job with this!

Looking for dragon eggs with my party

I’m currently in Dyrford Village and am about to venture forth into Cliaban Rilag, which feels like the end of Act 2. Some of my most memorable parts of the game so far have been:

  • The battle for Caed Nua, my stronghold
  • Endless Paths of Od Nua (currently at Level 5)
  • The haunted lighthouse in Ondra’s Gift
  • Pretty much all the quests in Defiance Bay

I’ve chosen a druid for my own character (now at Level 8), who can spiritshift into a stag. Eder (Fighter), Aloth (Wizard) and Pallegina (Paladin) are pretty much my favourite companions at the moment.

I’ll post more thoughts once I’m through.